Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the snowflake symbol mean?

A: The snowflake symbols means your spa is in Smart Winter Mode. The pump/s will run for 2 minutes every 2 hours to circulate water and prevent the pipes from freezing.


Q: Is my hot tub or swim spa leaking?

A: If you think your spa may be leaking you can do a test to confirm this. Fill your spa to maximum level and run the spa for 24 hours and measure any water loss. Then refill your spa and switch off for 24 hours and measure any water loss.


Q: How do I set the clock on my serenity spa?

A: Press and hold the light button until hours start to flash. Release button and use temp + or – button to alter the time. Press light button once to allow minutes to be changed.


Q: What does error code ‘FLO’ mean?

A: Your spa has recognised water flow past the heather has stopped or is insufficient. Check the following

  • Is your water level sufficient?
  • Is the filter pump running?
  • Has your filter pump overheated due to hot weather?


Q: Why has the water in my hot tub gone cloudy?

A: Cloudy water can be caused by many different issues. First you must correct all chemistry readings (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity) and allow time for the water to turn over 100% at least twice. If this does not make a significant improvement then you may need to use additional chemicals such as Oxy Shock or EZ Clear to assist with returning the clarity. Always ensure your filter is clean before using these products.


Q: Why won’t my hot tub temperature go down?

A: The temperature of your spa must first be tested with an external thermometer to ensure the displayed information is correct. Simply lowering the set temperature of the spa will not reduce your temperature you must leave the lid of your spa off until the desired temperature has been met, then replace the lid. Alternatively you can drain a small portion of the spa water and top up with fresh cold water.

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