Hydropool AquaPlay

A one-piece mini-pool made of fibre glass reinforced acrylic. This swim spa is the family fun pool with all the benefits of the Aquatrainer at a more affordable price.

12FX AquaPlay

The 12fX AquaPlay Swim Spa has a swim are with an anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness routines, run or jog in place for a great cardiovascular workout. You can swim stationary laps for a full bod workout and at the end of your workout or swim, relax in the lounger while the rest of the family plays. Hydrotherapy seating for up to 3 people.

12FFP AquaPlay

The ideal backyard pool for fitness, fun and exercise the 12FFP AquaPlay Swim Spa will more than suit any active lifestyle. This model features two swim jets that mimic the natural resistance of water to help you get the most out of your swim or workout. The contoured seating and massaging jets offer built-in hydrotherapy and relaxation for up to 9 people.

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