Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs

Hydropool’s Serenity range is designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and osteopaths to give you a perfect balance of massage variety and hydrotherapy. To help enhance your total health and wellness our spas are equipped with state-of-the-art hydrotherapy for maximum therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Our models range in seating capacity from 2 to 7 people.

Slip into your ergonomically designed Serenity hot tub and enjoy the benefits derived from hydrotherapy, invigorating and pulsating jet streams and complete natural buoyancy in soothing fresh or salt water. Many of our models are adaptable to customization and the addition of any features you desire.


Hydropool serenity wave filter in action in filled hot tub

ClearSpring Filtration System

This completely new system for the Serenity Range of hot tubs is a three stage filtration system, that keeps water cleaner and clearer.

    1. Ultra Flow Grill
    2. Ultra Flow Skimmer Net
    3. Wave Filter
5900 hot tub with cabinet off on decking

Built to last

Hydropool innovation never stops. All new 2020 Serenity range includes the new Unibody frame that cradles it’s Edgewater Shell. This all sits on a Poly insulated floor, sealing the acrylic shell, cabinet and frame! The result of this is a completely sealed system that keeps the heat in and the cold out during cold winter weather. In the summer heat can be released and regulated.

HydroWise-Heat-Shield-Hardcover diagram

WeatherSeal Insulation

Combine Hydropools innovative HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulation, WeatherSeal cabinetry work and the HydroWise hard cover and expert Canadian engineering, the Serenity range of hot tubs is one of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. It provides 37ºC… for just pennies a day!

Hydropool Serenity 4300 Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 4300

3 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 4500

4 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 5900

5 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 6600

6 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 6800

6 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 6900

6 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 5900 Limited Edition WhatSpa Best Buy Award 2023

Hydropool Serenity 5900 Limited Edition

6 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool Serenity 6800 Limited Edition

6 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool 13FFP Family Fun Pool Swim Spa

Hydropool Serenity 13FFP Family Fun Pool

11 Person Hot Tub/Swim Spa

The Hydropool range of hot tubs are manufactured in Ontario, Canada. Hydropool Inc have been manufacturing hot tubs for over 40 years. Which is why you can rest assured you are investing in one of the best.


  • Ten Year Limited Shell
  • Five Year Limited Interior Surface
  • Three Year Equipment & Plumbing
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