Here at Hydropool Bristol we have several ranges of hot tubs for you to browse. Our Dream Maker Range is designed for our more budget conscious clients.

Our Serenity range is packed with amazing features to get excited about.

The Signature Self Cleaning range of hot tubs are home to the easiest spas in the world to maintain. Hydropool has designed the first and ONLY self cleaning hot tubs, giving you more time for what matters.

Hydropool hot tub massage jets

Hot Tubs Aren’t Equal

Despite their similar appearances, hot tubs have many distinct differences in their functions and features. Here are some things you may wish to look for when comparing brands and models to ensure that you make the right choice the first time:

✦ Massage Capabilities and Jet Variety

✦ Jet Power vs Jet Quantity

✦ Energy Efficiency and Insulation

✦ Filtration Systems

✦ Maintenance Requirements

You can get a clear idea of what makes a Hydropool hot tub in our brochure.

Move Well, Feel Great

Hydropool Zone Therapy utilises the 4 unique massage Zones in every Hydropool spa to provide a complete hydromassage that keeps your body working and your mind clear.

Each Zone comes equipped with unique seating, jets, and jet placement to leave no stone unturned when relieving muscles from accrued tension and tightness that we’ve become accustomed to and made excuses for.

Zone 1: Core Zone – Strength and stability come from the core.

Zone 2: Overall Body Zone – Activation of leg and lumbar muscles.

Zone 3: Upper Body Zone – Revieve tension stored in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Zone 4: Reflexology Zone – Activation of foot arch muscles with additional back treatment that improves blood flow and restoration throughout the body.


Hot Tub Wellness Programs

Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs feature built-in Wellness Programs with LED lights that guide you around the spa for a treatment tailored to your needs.

Whether you have leg pain, back pain, trouble sleeping, or you’re just in need of a full body invigoration, choose one of our 8 Wellness Programs to customise your experience.

You can learn more about the built-in Wellness Programs in our brochure.

App Controlled? Check

To add to our spas’ natural energy-efficient design, we have partnered with Gecko to offer our clients a state-of-the-art smartphone app with pre-paired radio transmitters that lets you manage your hot tub from wherever you are.

Get your spa up to temperature so it’s ready and waiting for your arrival, or set your spa to maximum energy efficiency mode when you are away to save money on your energy bills, which we know are more of a concern in today’s climate.

Hydropool spas are designed to be the most energy-efficient in the world. App-controlled energy-saving settings are just a bonus.


Download a Brochure

Hydropool hot tubs are loaded with unique features worth getting excited about. In our brochure, you will learn about:

✦ Jet technology and ergonomic design

✦ Built-in personalised & automated Wellness Programs

✦ Pump and heater efficiency

✦ NASA-inspired WeatherSeal insulation system

✦ Hydropool’s patented Self-Cleaning system and swimming pool filtration

✦ How natural ozone and UV-C purify water to keep your family safe

✦ Our 10-year worry-free guarantee

✦ Shell & cabinet options and upgrades

Self-Clean Range

Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub in Bristol home

The advanced and patent-protected Self-Cleaning system uses 6-stages to simultaneously remove debris from the surface to the floor with a surface skimmer and floor vacuum. Built-in swimming pool filtration filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes and purifies water with a combination of natural ozone and UV-C, taking the worry and work away with a hands-free system to keep your family safe and create time for what matters by minimising maintenance requirements.

The Hydropool Self Clean range features 9 different models which can seat anywhere from 3 to 10 people. All models are well-equipped with 22 standard features and are engineered to be the most energy-efficient in the world.

Serenity Range

Hydropool Serenity installed on decking under pergoda in amazing garden

Ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort, the Serenity hot tub features wide lumbar seats to cradle your body, with soft pillows supporting your head and neck to help your drift into serenity. A Serenity hot tub will allow you to feel the benefits of world-famous Hydropool hydrotherapy with invigorating & pulsating jet streams and natural buoyancy.

The Serenity hot tub comes in 6 different models with seating for 3-11 people. All models are well-equipped with 18 standard features to help you feel, work, play and sleep better!

Dream Maker
Spa Range

Dream Maker spa in garden

Dream Maker Spas hold several industry-leading patents including the development of their sustainable SyncrylicTM material that allows all Dream Maker spa bodies to have acrylic-like smooth contours while retaining the everlasting durability and strength that is provided by a rotationally molded spa.

From the finely-detailed outer design to the quality jets, plumbing system, and the energy-efficient heat-retaining Weather Shield Cover, Dream Maker spas deliver incredible value for lower budgets.

Available in 2 different colourways.


5SE hot tub Sunken in Millboard decking


Our sister company Riviera Decking are available for all your decking needs. Plan to sink your hot tub into decking, place on top of decking? Give them a call or head to their website to submit a quote request.

Swim spa in garden room with decking


Our sister company Hayes Timber Buildings can build the perfect outdoor living rooms for your hot tubs. Give them a call or head to their website to submit a quote request.

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