Lodge and Holiday Let Hot Tubs Bristol

Integrating a hot tub into your holiday home or lodge could be the ultimate enhancement you make to boost your revenue. As online platforms for holiday homes surge, and competition with other hosts increases, making your holiday let stand out is important. A hot tub is the perfect way to not only keep your place fully booked, but also maximise your nightly revenue.

Established in Hungary in 2004, Wellis has emerged as a leading manufacturer of premium lodge spas across Europe. Wellis lodge spas adhere to HSG282 guidelines ‘out the box’, incorporating the necessary health and safety features of a hot tub in a holiday setting without having to make any adjustments to your setup. This keeps your guests safe and your worries at bay.

Why Lodge/Rental Hot Tub?

People in commercial hot tub Bristol

Commercial Specification

Ensuring a safe and hassle-free spa experience for guests using a hot tub in a rental property involves meeting specific requirements. Our lodge spas have been meticulously manufactured to meet and exceed these standards, eliminating the need for any additional adjustments or add-ons.

Piggy bank for hot tub holiday let revenue

Increase Rental Value

Research indicates that integrating a hot tub into your rental property around Bristol could elevate your nightly revenue by 10-20%, offering a serene wind-down option for guests seeking a touch of luxury during their South West getaway. Make your listing stand out and increase guest satisfaction.

Wifi app for holiday let hot tub monitoring

Remote Management

Crafted for the convenience of property owners, our lodge hot tubs and spas simplify safety and maintenance. The main control panel is secured within the cabinet to reduce damage risk and a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone app allows for remote chemical balance tests that ensure that your spa meets health and safety guidelines.

Wellis mars hot tub 2-3 seater for holiday lets Bristol


✦   Plug & Play 13Amp

✦   Seats: 3 (2 Loungers)

✦   Hydrotherapy Jets: 37

✦   Outer Dimensions: 2130 × 1600 × 750 mm

✦   Volume/Weight: 685 litres/175kg

✦   5-Year Shell Structure Warranty

✦   Optional Smartphone app with Wi-Fi connection

Wellis Sevilla Plug Play Holiday Let Hot Tub


✦   Plug & Play 13Amp

✦   Seats: 6 (1 lounger)

✦   Hydrotherapy Jets: 46

✦   Outer Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 870mm

✦   Volume/Weight: 1,136 litres/330kg

✦   5-Year Shell Structure Warranty

✦   Optional Smartphone app with Wi-Fi connection

Wellis Porto Holiday Let Hot Tub Bristol


✦   Seats: 4

✦   Hydrotherapy Jets: 30

✦   Outer Dimensions: 1900 x 1800 x 850mm

✦   Volume: 782 litres

✦   Net Weight: 235kg

✦   5-Year Shell Structure Warranty

✦   Smartphone app with Wi-Fi connection

Wellis Cordoba 6 Seater Holiday Let Hot Tub


✦   Seats: 6 (1 reclining)

✦   Hydrotherapy Jets: 40

✦   Net Weight: 330kg

✦   Volume: 1136L

✦   Control Panel: Hidden under the cabinet. 2 buttons on pool-side

✦   5-Year Shell Structure Warranty

✦   Smartphone app and Wi-Fi included

Wellis Valencia 7 Seater Holiday Let Hot Tub


WhatSpa Holiday Let Best Buy 2023 Award winner

Seats: 7

Hydrotherapy Jets: 48

Outer Dimensions: 2180 x 2180 x 900mm

Net Weight/Volume: 330kg/1136 litres

5-Year Shell Structure Warranty

Smartphone app with Wi-Fi connection included

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