Hydropool AquaSport Swim Spas

One-piece self-cleaning swim spas made from fibreglass reinforced acrylic with a 10-year warranty. The value-packed Hydropool Aquasport requires only one pump to operate the hydrotherapy massage seats and can also use an ‘aqua-cord’ swim-in-place harness in combination with swim jets for additional swimming resistance if necessary. Enjoy garden living at its finest with a pool and a spa all in one. Available in 14’, 17’ and 19’ lengths.

Top View of Hydropool 14 foot swim spa AquaSport 14AX showing jet and seating configuration

AquaSport 14AX

Top View of Hydropool 17 foot swim spa AquaSport 17AX showing jet and seating configuration

AquaSport 17AX

19DTfX-Swim-Spa-AquaSport-Topside View

AquaSport 19DTAX

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Young adults in hot tub in sunny garden

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