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Rollaway Swim Spa Covers Devon

Rollaway covers are the perfect solution to cumbersome swim spa lids that stop you from using your spa as often as you could.

Convenient Swim Spa Cover

The Rollaway swim spa cover is a next-generation solution designed for convenience and efficiency. This one-piece cover creates a seal, locking in heat and reducing energy costs. Its Rollaway design enables a single person to uncover the swim spa in less than 60 seconds.

Easy Access

Rollaway swim spa covers are designed with ease and convenience in mind, ensuring that you can get maximum enjoyment from your swim spa with minimal effort. The innovative Rollaway system allows you to roll the cover back and forth effortlessly, providing quick access to your swim spa whenever you desire.

The cover’s smooth, rolling mechanism allows it to glide seamlessly into place without any heavy lifting or complicated maneuvers. This intuitive design allows anyone to operate the cover, making it a user-friendly solution for families and individuals.

Designed for Energy Efficiency

The Rollaway swim spa cover is engineered for optimal energy efficiency, ensuring your swim spa stays up to temperature while reducing energy consumption. The cover creates a complete seal, effectively trapping heat and maintaining the desired water temperature. This minimises the need for constant heating, thus lowering energy bills.

The cover’s buoyant insulation layers provide excellent thermal retention, and its durable and UV-resistant materials enhance its performance in various conditions. This design not only conserves energy but also contributes to the longevity and efficiency of your swim spa.

Optional Convenience Bracket

The Rollaway Shelf Bracket is an optional accessory that complements the Rollaway swim spa cover. It securely holds the rolled cover on the side of the swim spa, ensuring easy access to your spa while keeping the cover protected from outdoor elements and general wear and tear.

The clever shelf bracket design allows you to maintain the tidy appearance and functionality of your swim spa area while enhancing the convenience and protection of your cover.

Buy Your Rollaway Swim Spa Cover

There is a Rollaway cover for every Hydropool swim spa.

Shop from our range of Rollaway covers suitable for the following sizes:

  • Family Fun Pools
  • 14ft swim spas
  • 16ft swim spas
  • 17ft swim spas
  • 19ft swim spas & DT models

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