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What Is A Swim Spa?

Think of a Swim Spa as an Endless Pool that you can swim in until your workout has finished, without having to slow down and turn around. You can swim with any stroke at any speed between 1 and 10 miles per hour, allowing you to get the most out of the valuable time you have set aside for exercise.

You don’t just need to swim in a Swim Spa. Many customers use them as a convenient way to perform low impact Hydrofitness.  This is a fantastic way to help rehabilitate after an injury, illness or due to ageing joints and muscles.

How Do Swim Spa’s Work?

Swim Spa’s are more than just large swimming hot tubs. Our Hydropool Swim Spas are designed and improved for over 20 years to produce a clean a turbulent free current for you to swim against. Our Swim Spas have 4 main features:

  1. Powerful Pumps – The pumps need to be powerful enough to produce enough current to swim against and keep up with you as your fitness improves.
  2. Patented Jets – Our jets are specifically designed to produce as clean a current as possible so it feels like you’re really swimming in a pool.
  3. Buoyancy Jet – Our Swim Spa’s have a 3rd jet to help lift your body, just as the current below your body would if you were swimming in open water.
  4. Current Collection – The shells are created after 1000s of hours of research on making sure the water flows to our collection vacuums and remains as turbulence free as possible.

Benefits Of A
Swim Spa

All of our Swim Spa’s are self-cleaning and we are the only company in the world who offers this technology.  This means our Swim Spas not only require a lot less maintenance and servicing than a conventional swimming pool but also a lot less than other Swim Spas.

Swim Spa’s are up to 60% cheaper than a swimming pool to install and cost far less money in heating too.  The installation time can be as little as a day whereas a swimming pool can take months to install properly.

Hydropool Devon always have multiple Swim Spas on display and at least 1 filled up and ready for you to try yourself.

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Here at Hydropool Devon, we are a multi-award winning Hot Tub and Swim Spa retailer based in Kingskerswell just outside of Newton Abbot, Devon. We pride ourselves on not only excellent customer service and the quality of our products but our aftersales service too.

This is why we have chosen to partner with Hydropool, manufacturers of the world’s only self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas. They are the only manufacturer offering a 10-year guarantee, while most other manufacturers only provide limited warranties.

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