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Selecting the right hot tub design to maximise comfort

Purchasing a hot tub is something that requires research and understanding, in order to purchase the model that is right for your requirements. Should you end up with a hot tub that you find uncomfortable, you may find yourself using it a lot less than expected. 

We are a Hydropool hot tub and swim spa provider based in Bristol, with our range of services and products, we are able to offer a complete experience to our customers. Serving the city and surrounding areas, we are often found out on the road. 

Let us outline some of the key design features that will have an impact on your comfort in your hot tub.

Look for ergonomically designed seats:

A seat that will fit and support your body’s natural curves is something that is a must, we always suggest actually stepping into the hot tub that you are interested in so that you can test the seating before purchasing. For the best massage and soaking experience, you want to make sure that you fit comfortably in the seat. When it comes to lounger seats you want to ensure that when you recline your feet can still touch your feet to the floor. If this isn’t possible you could float out of the lounger.

Additional design features:

One of the key things to look for is multi-level seating, this allows for that all body types can sit in your hot tub. Next up to check is the footwell, to make sure it’s large enough to accommodate multiple bathers, you don’t want to feel cramped when trying to relax and socialise. Booking for a wet test of your desired hot tub is the best way to determine if it is suitable for you. If this isn’t an option, simply sitting in your hot tub will give you an indication of how comfortable it is.

Small Details:

Every part of your hot tub contributes towards the overall comfort level, details such as the pillows shouldn’t be ignored. Do you require features such as a place for an ice bucket or drinks. It is also important to understand as to whether your hot tub requires a cabinet, as models that don’t are often easier installed as you’d like, whether this be in the ground, in a floor or elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about how to choose the right hot tub for you, please do click here to get in contact with us.