The Luxury of Less: How a Hydropool Minimises Maintenance

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on hot tub maintenance. Who wants to spend their weekends cleaning their hot tub?

Hydropool signature self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas require less maintenance than every other brand. As a result of their self-cleaning properties, you don’t need to drain them as often and you could use 50% fewer chemicals.

Our self-cleaning process is patent-protected to ensure that our spas are the world’s only self-cleaning spas.

We hear it all the time: “X retailer said Hydropool’s self-cleaning was just a gimmick. All hot tubs are self-cleaning because they use a filter to collect dirt and residue.”

It’s time we publically debunked this myth!

Hydropool filters are of course an element of the process, but there is a big (big) difference between filtration and self-cleaning.

While filtration is of course involved in the self-cleaning process, it is only one element.

The others are what reduce chemical usage (and draining frequency) by 50%.

Our patented self-cleaning system is a 6 part process that keeps your spa water clean and safe for use.

This includes:

  1. HydroClean Filtration Jets
  2. High-Flow Skimmer & Pre-Filter
  3. HydroClean Floor Vacuum
  4. Pressurised Micro-Filtration
  5. PureWater System for natural water purification and reduced chemical usage
  6. Self-Clean Indicator

You can find more detail about each stage of our signature self-cleaning process by downloading a free brochure here.




Reduce Chemical Usage by 50%

Checking and balancing your chemical levels is probably the worst part of owning a hot tub, but unfortunately, it’s unavoidable.

The good news is that the Hydropool PureWater system is the industry-leading water purification system. It’s the smartest, safest, easiest, and most efficient way of keeping your spa safe and your water clear.

It is a big reason why you will use up to 50% fewer chemicals in your self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa compared to other brands in the market.

Most mid-to-upper-range hot tubs use ozone or UV-C as natural water oxidisers/sanitisers.

Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas use both to destroy over 99% of contaminants.

Water passes through our patented Micro Cell, where it is treated with ozone to oxidise it. This process disinfects it and prevents calcium or biofilm buildup in the pipework.

Water is then passed through a high-volume UV-C chamber that purifies it further.

We’ll discuss these processes in a bit more detail.




The Role of Ozone in the Hydropool ClearWater System

Calcium and biofilm are two of the main causes of cloudy water. When spa water goes cloudy, it’s a surefire signal that you need to ‘shock’ your water.

‘Shocking’ the water is adding a higher than usual amount of oxidiser into the spa, usually in chemical form.

As our Ozone system oxidises the water naturally, this reduces the need to shock the spa with additional chemicals. When adding artificial oxidiser (shock treatment) to the spa, you are adding particles that dissolve into the water.

They might do the job of oxidising the water, but they come with a few drawbacks:

  • You have to spend time and effort to measure and insert shock treatment
  • You add unnecessary chemical particles to the spa
  • Chemical shock can upset your chemical balance
  • You must wait at least 24 hours after adding the chemical shock before using the spa if using chlorine shock
  • You must wait at least 20 minutes after adding the chemical shock before using the spa if using non-chlorine shock




The Role of UV-C in the Hydropool ClearWater System

UV-C allows you to use less sanitiser (chlorine/bromine) in your spa.

Many other brands do not use UV-C – probably due to the added cost of installing a separate, dedicated UV chamber.

UV-C light alters the form of bacteria to stop them from reproducing. This is important because if bacteria cannot reproduce, you don’t need to use much sanitiser to kill them.

This isn’t to say that you don’t need any sanitiser at all, but you will have to use significantly less with a Hydropool self-cleaning spa.

With the additions of ozone and UV-C you get an industry-leading disinfection system that:

  • Kills over 99% of contaminants
  • Stops bacteria reproducing
  • Oxidises the water to keep your spa water sparkle-clear


Drain Your Hydropool Spa Less

Think about it – if you’re putting less STUFF (chemicals) in your spa, the water is going to be purer. Therefore, there is less STUFF to drain and refill.

“But what about all the residue in the water?”

We’re glad you asked!

We mentioned that salespeople from other brands often say that their ‘self-cleaning’ properties are the same because they use a filter too…

But what if we told you that even their filtration being the same was also a load of old tosh?

Hydropool signature self-cleaning spas use swimming pool filtration to filter 100% of the water every 15 minutes.

Our swim spas filter 100% of the water every 45 minutes… but come on, it’s not bad, is it?

There are 2 parts of this statement that we should dissect:

  1. What the face is ‘swimming pool filtration’?
  2. 100% of the water every 15 minutes?




Hydropool Swimming Pool Filtration

As we touched upon earlier, and as you’ll see in the Hydropool brochure, our spas use swimming pool filtration to minimise debris beyond any comparison you’ll find in the market. This is not your run-of-the-mill hot tub vacuum.

HydroClean Filtration Jets

Let’s start with the jets.

Not only does each signature self-cleaning hot tub use up to 11 different types of jet for a unique massage that keep your mind rested and your body running like a well-oiled machine, but HydroClean filtration jets are also strategically placed to maintain a continuous flow of water towards the surface skimmer.

This ensures that no debris can float around in your spa for a second too long.

You will find more information about how our hot tub hydrotherapy seats are even designed to maximise the efficiency of this system in our brochure.




High Flow Skimmer and Pre-Filter

The skimmer removes floating debris and oils from the water’s surface, just like a swimming pool. This prevents larger bits of dirt and debris from getting into the pipework and clogging it up.

With the HydroClean filtration jets, this is the perfect combination to remove surface debris from your spa while reducing the risk of damaging your spa’s components.

HydroClean Floor Vacuum

Floor debris is another reason to drain your spa and clean the bottom before refilling it. There’s nothing worse than feeling bits of debris on your feet while using your spa, no matter how clean the water appears to be.

Our unique floor vacuum removes dirt and debris from the bottom of the spa so any sinking particles are sucked up and passed through our efficient filtration system, meaning that you have less reason to drain and refill your Hydropool spa.

Usually, hot tub manufacturers will recommend you drain your spa 3-4 times per year. With a Hydropool self-cleaning spa, you can reduce this by 50% if you wish.

Let’s quickly debunk a couple of some of our competitors’ favourite myths about our floor vacuum, while we’re here!

Myth 1: The Floor Vacuum Uses a Second Filter That You Have to Change

Simple answer: The floor vacuum runs through the same, easily accessible filter as the rest of the spa. There is no second filter to worry about.

Myth 2: Debris Still Gets Stuck in the Seats

Do you think we would master a filtration design for over 40 years to leave such a gaping flaw?

From jet placement to seat design, our world-leading filtration system works to efficiently move debris to our surface skimmer and floor vacuum. The hydrotherapy jets on the seats lend a hand too.

Self-Cleaning Spas Filer 100% of the Water Every 15 Minutes?


…Except for swim spas which obviously take a little longer.

That’s 8 times every 2 hours!

“But doesn’t that use a lot more energy?”

Hydropool spas are designed to be the most energy efficient in the world. From maximum insulation to evergreen pumps, it is one of our core principles.

Our self-cleaning system has left no stone unturned. As discussed, our filtration system is so efficient that we make the water do the work, with minimal additional energy usage!

Ozone and UV-C are relatively cheap to run, too. With only approximately 1 kWh of additional usage between them every 25 hours.

As for the pumps: our Low Amperage Evergreen Pumps are 25-32% more efficient than our competition. You can read about total hot tub kWh usage here.




Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Dispenser

In every Hydropool signature self-cleaning spa, there is an automatic sanitiser dispenser. This is in the form of a feeder tube that slots nicely into the filter and contains chlorine/bromine pucks that slowly dissolve over time.

There’s no need to always be measuring and adding your granules.

Simply pop a couple of pucks in, adjust the tube to control the release rate, and relax!

With the Hydropool disinfection system and your sanitiser feeder, not only are you reducing chemical usage by 50%, but you are even adding your pucks far less frequently than you would be adding granules.




Do it Right with a Hydropool Signature Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

Now you know a bit about how Hydropool hot tubs in Bristol reduce maintenance and draining frequency by 50%.

When you buy a Hydropool spa, you get world-renowned hydrotherapy, superior energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance.

This is what we have built our brand on since 1970 when the first Hydropool swimming pool was launched, and from 1980, when the first Hydropool hot tub came onto the market.

To find out more about what makes Hydropool an industry-leading hot tub manufacturer across the world, download our free brochure here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]