Hot Tub kWh Usage UK

Having your own personal hot tub is the perfect way to soothe sore muscles and unwind, however, many people want to know a hot tub’s kWh usage in the UK, and more importantly, how much it costs to run a hot tub before deciding to buy one. This is particularly useful knowledge in times when energy prices are going up quite horrifically.

The truth is that hot tub electricity consumption can vary based on a number of factors that we will touch upon, however, the superior insulation and energy efficiency of our hot tubs and swim spas is one of the many benefits of a Hydropool.

We do want to try and give the best answer we can to this important question, though! We will provide an estimate on hot tub kWh usage in the UK and translate that to how much it costs to run a hot tub.

Read below to find out how much electricity a hot tub should use, as well as tips on how to select an energy-efficient model so you are not faced with a soaring utility bill.

How Many kWh Does a Hot Tub Use Per Day UK?

The short answer is probably about 3.5-6 kWh per day with normal usage. Obviously, the amount of kWh a hot tub uses each day depends on several variables, such as frequency of use, water temperature, air temperature, hot tub insulation, and more. You can find out more about the most energy-efficient hot tubs in Bristol and surrounding areas here.

There are things that can decrease your daily kWh usage, and while there are ways you can reduce it through your usage, a lot of long-term savings are made when purchasing your hot tub. In the UK, the air temperature does not get very cold often. Even if the winter, our climate is much warmer than in Canada, for example, where Hydropool spas were designed for energy efficiency.

As our spas were built to remain usable during Canadian winters, where temperatures drop to below 20 degrees C, keeping a Hydropool spa up to temperature in the UK is easy peasy!



Hot Tub Heating Costs

There are two main questions we get from people interested in buying a hot tub or a swim spa.

The first is about the running costs; the second is about their maintenance requirements.

Continue reading to learn more about how much a hot tub costs to run (and why Hydropool spas are designed to be the most energy-efficient in the world), or learn about Hydropool maintenance requirements here.

In the 2024 Hydropool hot tub brochure, you will find monthly cost estimations for every Hydropool hot tub. 

The total hot tub usage cost depends on several factors – your hot tub model, the water temperature, the unit price per kilowatt-hour, as well as how frequently you use your hot tub, to name a few. According to unbiased data from WhatSpa, you can expect to pay between £1 and £1.30 per day to run an energy-efficient hot tub on a tariff of 28p per kWh (April 2022).

It is difficult to give exact costs as there are many factors that affect the cost of running a hot tub, so to remain transparent, we say that you should consider the daily costs to be at the higher end of the range. With the costs increasing further with very frequent usage.

Even with high usage, that’s still cheaper than your daily coffee!

Be aware that when buying a cheap hot tub, although the upfront price tag may seem attractive, it will almost always cost more in the long run. Low-quality models with poor insulation can easily multiply your hot tub energy consumption 5 or 6 times, also according to WhatSpa.


How to Save Money

There are things you can do to save money when choosing to buy a hot tub. Obviously, there will always be an expense, but the many health and lifestyle benefits you get with a hot tub make it all worth it.

Choose an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

Most of your energy savings are made when you purchase your hot tub. Of course, you may expect some bias here, but Hydropool spas are built to be the most energy-efficient in the world.

We have been manufacturing hot tubs for over 40 years, originally in Canada where winters can be extremely harsh. As hot tubs needed to remain viable during these months, energy efficiency was one of Hydropool’s original selling points, which then, along with superior hydrotherapy, has become part of the core Hydropool ethos. A quick Google search will give you some more information about Hydropool’s energy efficiency from a non-Hydropool source!

There are 4 key elements of Hydropool’s Hydrowise Thermal Technology that can be discussed simply:

  • Hydrowise Heat Shield Cover – This is the cover on our spas. It is designed to keep the heat in and the cold out, and it does it pretty effectively if we say so ourselves!
  • Low Amperage Evergreen Pump – Our pumps produce high flow rates with low energy usage. This allows our filtration system to be 25-32% more efficient than the competition.
  • Nasa-Inspired Insulated Thermal Shield Blanket – This technology is exactly the same as what Nasa uses to send its astronauts into space. Heat given off by the spa is reflected back into the heat-absorbing pipes to be used once again to directly heat the water. Hydropool insulation is so effective that we always recommend keeping your hot tub turned on to keep water to a temperature, rather than turning it off, as heating the water back up requires much more energy!
  • Programmable Controls – There are many settings available on your touchpad to keep your spa at a necessary temperature at all times. Sometimes you may put it into energy efficiency mode when it is not being used. You can also control these settings on your smartphone using the Gecko In.Touch app, so you can always be in control of energy usage even when you are not at your spa.



Always Keep the Cover On

Heat rises, as they say. Heat can escape from the top of the spa, so keeping your cover on whenever you are not using the hot tub will keep the heat trapped inside and save the system from having to constantly keep heating the water to keep it up to temperature. You want to choose a well-made, durable and lockable cover that features a tapered design and has insulation baffles around the fold. Surprisingly, Hydropool spas come with one.

Use Energy Saving Settings

A good hot tub should have customisation settings that include the ability to reduce the water temperature. Keep your spa at a slightly cooler temperature than you would have it at when you are using the spa. The closer this temperature is to the outside air temperature, the less energy will need to be used to keep it up to your chosen temperature.

Consider Water Volume

Another factor to keep in mind is the water volume of your hot tub. An average-sized hot tub will hold approximately 250 gallons of water, however, larger models can hold up to 500 gallons. The more water that is in your hot tub, the more electricity usage it will require to keep the water heated.


Things to Look Out For to Reduce Hot Tub kWh Usage

If you are shopping for a hot tub and want to ensure that you choose an energy-efficient model, here are the top features that you should look for.

Efficient Pumps

An energy-efficient pump can reduce your hot tub energy consumption by up to 32% compared to other pumps. Look for a pump with the highest flow rate with the lowest energy output.

CEC Certified

If you want the highest standard in energy efficiency for your hot tub, choose a CEC-certified model. Although we are not in the USA, The California Energy Commission set a strict guideline that is only awarded to hot tubs which are top of the line in energy efficiency standards. Hydropool spas are CEC certified, just saying.


Reduce Chemical Usage and Draining Frequency By 50%

Did you know that as well as Hydropool spas being designed for superior energy efficiency, our signature self-cleaning range is the smartest, safest, easiest, and most efficient way of keeping your spa clean and your water clear?

Maintaining your spa is undoubtedly the worst part of owning one, but with a Hydropool signature self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa, you can reduce chemical usage by 50% while also reducing the amount you have to drain and fill it by 50% too!

If you don’t want to spend your weekends cleaning your hot tub, a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub could be perfect for you.

Click here to read about how a Hydropool minimises maintenance.

In the post, we explain how it all works and debunk some of our competitors’ favourite myths so you can see how a Hydropool self-cleaning spa makes time for what matters to you – it’s not rocket science!


Choose Hydropool – Covering Bristol, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall

Hydropool hot tubs are so energy-efficient that many models can operate at a temperature of 37 degrees with minimal running costs. This means that you can enjoy your hot tub year-round, without having to worry about a costly electric bill.

To learn more about our self-cleaning and Serenity hot tubs, download a brochure here, or contact our team at Hydropool Bristol today on 01174 279369.

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