Health Benefits From A Hydropool Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy has been a recognised relaxation technique for thousands of years, ever since humankind discovered its incredible therapeutic benefits. The gentle warm buoyancy and massaging jets that the Hot Tubs offer help to create the perfect relaxation tool. Climbing into a warm hot tub on a cold evening after a hard day’s work is a great way to unwind.

Relaxation Benefits

People have always been drawn to water as a source of comfort and relaxation. The gentle warmth of the water in a hot tub, combined with the soft massaging jets provides an enhanced relaxation experience for anyone looking to find a unique way to rest, socialise or rejuvenate.

The warm water allows blood vessels to open up, leading to increased blood flow which helps to soothe pains or aches in the body. The water supports the body providing a feeling of weightlessness, which allows you to sink into a deeper state of rest.

Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Benefits

Immersing yourself in the soothing warmth of the hot tub water has been proven to help restore proper sleep habits. Bathing in hot or warm water before going to bed can enhance the transition into a deeper sleep. The comforting sensation of floating releases endorphins – the body’s ultimate natural pain killer responsible for generating the comforting feeling of relief and contentment. Dedicating time at the end of each day to unwind and reflect on the day can aid in the reduction of stress and increase mental well-being.

Minimise the pain of arthritis

When compared against other forms of arthritis therapy, hot tub therapy offers effective pain relief without the negative side effects associated with traditional forms of arthritis medication. The benefits of a soak in a hot tub can include muscle relaxation, decreased pain and joint stiffness and greater ease when performing exercise and daily activities.

No side effects, near-instantaneous relief, efficient and easy to do – hot tubs are a good form of arthritis treatment, and the scientific literature continues to bear this out. While not all results are typical for every arthritis patient, there are some encouraging research results, and new studies continue to produce positive results on the relationship between hot tub hydrotherapy and arthritis pain relief.

Stress relief

Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, and soreness. Regular Hot Tub use, through a combination of buoyancy, heat and massage relieves tension and stress.

Buoyancy eases pressure in joints and muscles, while heat increases blood flow to muscles and accelerates healing. Additionally, Hydropool Hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage, stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller.

Health Benefits

For those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, muscle pain, insomnia, sports Injuries and more, a hot tub can increase your cardiovascular health and circulation. This helps to raise your heart rate in a stable and controlled environment, which contributes to a stronger and healthier heart.

Regular exercise is important, but can generate aches, pains and sports-related injuries. Performing a variety of controlled stretches in warm water can provide relief as the water’s buoyancy reduces weight and pressure on joints. This allows you to move freely and rehabilitate the affected area sooner and without stress. This in combination with increased blood flow to the affected area helps to create an ideal environment for the body to recover.

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