Hydropool self-cleaning swimspa. This model is available from our Bristol showroom.

Introducing The Hydropool Executive Swim Spa

We are excited to announce that we are the first Hydropool dealer in Europe to have the next generation of Swim Spa on display. The Hydropool Executive represents a giant leap in quality of swim from already world-leading technology, not only delivering a smooth and turbulent free swim but also acting as your all-in-one aquafitness hydrotherapy centre.

Patented V-Twin Technology

Delivering double the volume of water while consuming the same amount of electricity as the previous generation.  The brand new V-Twin jets, using Hydropool’s unique patented technology supercharges the water to deliver a better more accurate swim.

Patented Current Collector Technology

Another leading cause of a turbulent swim which can make you feel like you’re trying to swim in a choppy sea is an ineffective current collector.  If it’s not collecting enough of the flow from the jets, it bounces right back at you and can cause your legs to be swimming in a different speed of water to your upper body. Our new Patented Current Collector is designed to produce a staggering 6x less turbulence than the previous generation.

Streamlined Shell Design

The brand new for 2019 shell on the Executive models have been designed by leading water mechanical engineers for the optimum flow of water. From the new V-Twin Jets, all the way along the Swim Spa and into the Patented Current Collector, the staggered trim lines ensure as smooth a flow as possible.

Still The World’s Only Self-Cleaning Technology

With all of these amazingly great features, it’s easy to forget about our patented Self-Cleaning Technology. Our Self-Cleaning Swim Spa’s all require a lot less looking after, less vacuuming, less skimming and as a result, normally require fewer water changes too. This makes our Self-Cleaning Swim Spas, the most convenient to own too.

Booking Wet Tests Now

Are you interested in trying one for yourself? Why not book a demo and wet test to see what has the aquafitness community so excited.

Call us on 01803 872 666 or email sales@hydropooldevon.co.uk