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What Supplies Do I Need For My Hot Tub Or Swim Spa?

Hopefully, if you just bought a new Hydropool hot tub or swim spa, you’re thrilled about your purchase. But even during this exciting initial period, you’ll want to think about how to keep your hot tub in great condition over the years.

Below you’ll find out simple tips for keeping your hot tub clean and making your life easier.

You’ll need to purchase chemicals, cleaning products, and accessories to keep your water clear and your hot tub in like-new condition. Although you’ll have to invest some money upfront, remember that if you choose quality products, they’ll work for quite a while because you’ll only have to use a small amount.

Here are the main products you’ll need:

1. Chemicals: Chemicals ensure that your water stays balanced, clean, clear, and algae-free. You should definitely purchase chlorine or bromine tablets, a water clarifier, and a pH-raising product. Depending on your water type, you may also find that a defoaming product, water softener, and pH reducer comes in handy.

2. Accessories: A pH test kit or test strips are absolutely essential to keeping your water balanced. A floating chemical dispenser is also something you might need, to gradually add sanitizer to your water. In terms of optional but useful accessories, consider a draining pump for water changes and aromatherapy products which will all enhance your soak.

3. Maintenance Products: Shell and filter cleaners and scum removers will help you prevent scale buildup and keep your filter running strong. Unless you have a Self Clean Hydropool you may need a spa vacuum. A cover conditioner and cover wax will also help your cover last longer.

There are countless ways to enhance your hot tub experience, including floating bars and side trays, waterproof bluetooth speakers, lighting packages to create a specific mood, hot tub pillows, and ice buckets. If you want to maximize your hot tub experience, ask us about these and other additions you can make.

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